"Top 10 Female RnB Artists and MC’s in Chicago to Keep On Your Radar in 2018...Aiming to share the love of positivity, Joslyn-Marie is a not only a phenomenal vocalist but an inspiring human being..."


"Joslyn-Marie hails from Chicago and after listening to the eight tracks, I can tell that she possess an undeniable talent."

The two features on this tape comes from Joseph Chilliams and Red Bella, while the excellent production was handled entirely by HarmonicSapien with the one exception of Joslyn’s self produced joint titled “Question.” I really enjoyed listening to this project and I believe you will too. Go ahead and check it our for yourself! ~ Lyrical Lemonade


"Your next favorite singer...Joslyn-Marie seems to have experienced multiple lifetimes’ worth."

Joslyn-Marie has a way of channeling everyday events — big and small — into every song she sings, whether it’s an original or a cover. It’s the kind of voice you don’t want to bog down with too many instruments. Just give her a simple piano accompaniment and watch her go. ~Germ Magazine

"I've known Joslyn-Marie for about 2 years and she's always been one of the most genuine artist I've had the pleasure of getting to know..."

Joslyn-Marie's voice is the equivalent to angels whispering. Delicate—yet strong. ~ Slump.Land…/…/joslyn-marie-karma-album-joslynsinger